STERIMAR™ Mn – supplemented with manganese 50ml

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STERIMAR™ Mn – supplemented with manganese

For allergy-prone nose

  • • ELIMINATES allergens
  • • Prevents sneeze, running nose and itch

Micro diffusion sea water

100% natural

Contains much manganese


For children and adults


STÉRIMAR™ Mn is the medicinal product recommended for babies, children and adolescents:

  • to clean and remove allergens in contact with the nasal mucus;
  • to moisten nasal mucus and restore its natural humidity;
  • to prevent allergies.

STÉRIMAR ™ Mn is recommended for daily use from the beginning of the allergy season and for cleaning the nose before using the ear, nose and throat medicines. DOES NOT CAUSE DROWSINESS.

RECOMMENDED USE. First use: spray in the air first to activate the system.

For hygiene and nasal mucus moistening: hold the head straight and insert the tip into a nostril. Spray 1-2 times into each nostril. Let the excess liquid to flow out and blow your nose.

For deeper cleaning of the nasal cavities: bend the head to a side and insert the tip to the nostril that is higher up. Press the tip once and hold for 2-3 seconds. Let the excess liquid to flow out and blow your nose.

Wash the tip with hot water and dry after each use.

2-6 spray doses a day.

INGREDIENTS. STÉRIMAR™ Mn is the physiological solution of sea water* with the salt content similar to the one in the cells of the human body. Positive effects of the filtered, 100 % natural and preservative-free STERIMAR™ sea water stem from the well-known characteristics of mineral salts, trace elements of sea water and manganese.

Net volume: 50 ml

Sea water: 31.82 ml of manganese salt monohydrate; purified water as required to 100 ml.

Packed in the aseptic environment. Pressure container with inert gasses (nitric). The solution is in the internal container and has no contact with nitrogen. Approximately 150 spray doses.

Warning! Pressure container: can explode, if heated. Keep away from heat sources, hot surfaces, sparkles, open flame and other sources of ignition. Do not smoke. Do not pierce or burn even if the container is empty. Keep away from sun. Do not store at a temperature above 50°C /122°F. Keep out of reach of children.

MANUFACTURER: SOFIBEL – Laboratoires Fumouze, 110-114 rue Victor Hugo, 92686 Levallois-Perret Cedex – France

AGENT IN LITHUANIA: UAB „Norameda“, Meistrų 8A, Vilnius 02189.