Modern Lifestyle and Prescription for Stomach Problems

Modern Lifestyle and Prescription for Stomach Problems

A cup of coffee for breakfast, quickly swollen sandwich at work for dinner and a rich meal followed by snacks and a beer or two. Does it ring a bell? Such is the diet of almost every second working person without even bothering to think what is means for his/her stomach and overall condition.

Consequence of the lifestyle is 30-40 percent of population suffering from brash once a month and 4-7 percent having it daily. It begins with unpleasant eructation with acid, brash comes next and, finally, gastric and oesophageal pains and aches develop. The symptoms are known as gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD).

Many think they have caught cold

Nightly manifestation of the symptoms of GORD at sleep is especially dangerous because one may not even know what the real problem is. When you go to bed after a rich and fat meal, your stomach and oesophagus find themselves in the horizontal position. Gastric valve, the function of which is to prevent gastric juices from going up, does not function because of GORD.

The result is a good old brash all night long, poor sleep and sore throat, expectoration and cough in the morning. Some people blame cold, overeat another evening again and the story begins anew. If the symptoms are ignored for a longer period, gastric juices burn out small wounds in the oesophagus. Inflammation begins, the scars form and, if the disease becomes chronic, you may end with oesophageal cancer, morbidity of which is about 200 newly diagnosed cases a year. Knowing that cancer usually grows within some 10-20 years from the onset of GORD, an epidemic might be suspected in a decade.

How to prevent the disease

Recommendations on how to prevent GORD will be nothing new to those aware of healthy nutrition rules. If you have brash, you should eat often but in smaller portions. Take less fat, smoked and spicy food. Avoid alcohol, coffee, carbonated beverages and the food that contains much preservative substances. Eat raw or minimally processed fruit and vegetables, and a plate of soup at least once a day.

Easter is coming. Remember: you do not have to eat all eggs you have decorated and should replace mayonnaise with a mild horseradish sauce. Avoid much alcohol and fat food, engage in a light physical activity (e.g., go for a walk) rather than starting another round of vinaigrette extermination.

Epic fail before sleep

The thought that reflux at night will be less harmful if you take an acidity reducing pill is bad. Such medications do not work on the gastric valve and cannot prevent reflux, which means zero desirable effect. On the contrary: they can disorder acid balance in the stomach and make digestion more difficult. You should use something to block the flow of the gastric content to the wrong direction.

One of the good choices is the medicinal product called Gastrotuss. It is the mechanically acting medicinal product for GORD which relieves symptoms of the disease. The product enters stomach and forms a kind of cork in the form of the natural gastric surface membrane, and thus prevents reflux.

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