How to Prevent Repeated Rhinitis

How to Prevent Repeated Rhinitis

Such a simple disease as rhinitis cause many troubles, such as sleepless nights, tasteless food and loss of smell, not to mention problems at work for parents nursing their ill children. 

Rhinitis is the disease of nasal mucus and bothers both children and adults. Non-allergic rhinitis is further classified into infectious (acute and chronic) and non-infectious (atrophic, hypertrophic and vasomotor). Infectious rhinitis is usually caused by viruses. Affecting factors are general and local cold, increased air humidity, etc. Untreated or extended rhinitis may have lots of dangerous complications (sinusitis, middle ear inflammation, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis or even pneumonia). Rhinitis morbidity is higher in autumn (October), winter (January) and spring (March), when human body is the most susceptible to viral infections. Nevertheless, many of us sometimes have rhinitis several times a year, and children may have it 6-8 or even more times a year. Such frequency signals, first of all, of poor local and general immunity.

Immunity is classified as acquired (non-specific), which means that the self-defence mechanisms are available in the body before a contact with pathogens, and native (specific), which means that the self-defence mechanisms switch on under a contact with pathogens. Active phagocytes (monocytes, macrophages and neutrophils) play important role in the non-specific immune reaction mechanism. Activated phagocytes function, synthesize cytokines and participate in the specific self-defence mechanisms (activate T and B lymphocytes to deal with the pathogens directly or through antibodies) more active.
There are plenty of methods to improve general resistance of your body; however, strengthening of local immunity is highly important in order to shorten the disease period and to prevent reoccurrence of rhinitis as well as its complications. The nasal mucus is the barrier of natural infection causes and the vanguard of fight against microbes. Naturally, if local defence (nasal mucus, tonsils (pharyngeal, palatine and glossal) is strong, it protects us from getting ill and makes us recover sooner.

Scientists were surprised by capabilities of the substance obtained from yeast to prevent infections and reduce the period of being ill long ago. Later it was found that the substance is the natural polysaccharide beta-1,3-glucan, strong stimulator of the immune system that strengthens the protective mechanisms of human body, speeds up recovery and prevents frequent and repeated infections. There is a special receptor (Dectin-1) on the glucan surface; the receptor can attach to the immune system cells (macrophages, monocytes and neutrophils), which are the first to fight microbes, and activate the cells. Glucan-activate immune system cells function and fight pathogens more efficient thus preventing illnesses and speeding up recovery.

There are many trials published in research magazines on the effects of glucan on adenoid hypertrophy on patients with rhinosinusitis. (Management of Adenoid Hypertrophy: Efficacy Of Beta Glucan. Tricarico D, Ascione E, etc., Italy. Glucan solution nasal spray vs saline in the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis: a multi-centric, double blind randomized clinical trial. New Local Therapy in Rhinosinusitis, 2006. ENT Department, University of Siena, University of Bar; ENT Clinic, University of Genova etc.). Glucan spray strengthens immunological function of Waldeyer ring, improves mucociliary clearance, reduces adenoid flush and relieves breath in patient with adenoid hypertrophy. It also shortens the disease period, relieves symptoms and improves local immunity in patients with rhinosinusitis (with or without microbial/fungal infection.

Purified beta-1,3-glucan is one of the ingredients of Immuwash ® nasal spray, which stimulates local immunity and protects from infections.
Immuwash® is meant for treatment of frequent and long rhinitis (in patients with adenoiditis, rhinosinusitis, adenoid hypertrophy and polyposis) and strengthening of local immunity at the cold season, when human body is the most susceptible to infections. Using Immuwash® we protect us and our children from the disease full of troubles and complications, shorten the period of illness, recover sooner and prevent reoccurrence of rhinitis.

Immuwash® nasal spray with beta-1,3-glucan


  1. Immunostimulatory effects:
    • Activates non-specific immunity, improves immunological function of Waldeyer ring and strengthens local immunity thus protecting from infections;
    • According to trial results, it reduces adenoid hypertrophy and improves breathing function.
  2. Antibacterial effects:
    • Strengthens and supplements effects of antibiotics, and protects from antibiotic-resistant forms of infection.
  3. Participation in epithelialisation process:
    • Stimulates collagen and elastic fibre synthesis thus improving recovery of the damaged epithelium.


  1. For treatment of frequent and extended rhinitis:
    • In the case of adenoid hypertrophy:
      • Reduces adenoid flush;
      • Relieves breathing;
      • Strengthens immunological function of Waldeyer ring.
    • In the case of rhinosinusitis (with or without microbial or fungal infection), for treatment of nasal polyposis:
      • Reduces nasal congestion and relieves breathing;
      • Improves nasal self-cleaning mechanisms;
      • Relieves pressure and pain in the facial area.
  2. For treatment of acute middle otitis together with antibiotics
    • Improves secretion flow from the middle year through Eustachian tube to the nose and normalizes pH of nasal secretion.
  3. After nasal surgeries:
    • Stimulates epithelialisation processes and speeds up recovery;
    • Strengthens local immunity and protects from infections.
  4. For strengthening of local immunity in the cold season and for prevention of frequent rhinitis.
  5. For cleaning and lubrication of nasal mucus, and pH restoration of nasal secretion.

How to use. In the case of acute rhinitis and for strengthening of local immunity: 2-3 sprays into each nostril 3-4 times a day. For strengthening immunity and prevention of rhinitis: 2-3 sprays into each nostril 2-3 times a day.

Ingredients. Beta-1,3-glucan, isotonic solution with physiological pH.

Package. 50 ml bottle with sealed mechanical spray tip, 500 doses.

DMG, Italy.

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